Legal Advices

Dispute Resolutions

Workplace disputes are common in organizations .As professional consultants, we address the most minute conflicts occurring among employees and work towards fostering a healthy working environment. With workplace dispute resolution, we help staff members settle their conflicts in the early stages of dispute to avoid any form of escalation and encourage harmony in the organization. Our services are designed in a way to resolve workplace conflict efficiently and improve relationships, increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction and most importantly prevent and deal with any sort of conflicts effectively.

Handling Litigations

We render our expert legal opinions to corporate in handling litigations and providing legal solutions. We share our expertise in the legal aspect of drafting, filing, arguing and writing petitions, appeals, revision, arbitration that touch upon various subject matters including Labour, employment, taxation and land acquisition. Our team of corporate dispute lawyers is experienced to present cases on behalf of the client before the labour courts, tribunals and authorities under various legal statutes, high court and supreme court of India. Services arising under the company law on matters of amalgamation, winding-up of company, restructuring, complaints of mismanagement at all levels of court. Our professional team of experts will help your organization in drafting claim statements, counter statements.